Piatt County Cares- Emergency Needs Program


Piatt County Cares works to find solutions to complex problems facing the most vulnerable citizens in Piatt County IL. The directors, Christina Sanantonio and Wendy Dotson, work collaboratively with local social services and often face seemingly hopeless cases in which elderly or disabled are in circumstances for which they have little recourse.

The mission of Piatt County Cares is to bring awareness of the most desperate situations to our community because time and time again we have witnessed the generosity of Piatt County. We must face the truth: wheels have come off the bus in Illinois. The few programs that were in place to help the aged and the struggling are struggling themselves or no longer exist. 

While maintaining the privacy of our clients, we want to share some of the situations we face daily and humbly ask for your help. We have always felt that if you, our community members, knew the needs, you would give them a helping hand. We hope to make this a place where Piatt County residents can seek help for those situations in which no programs exist. Your compassion is key to changing lives - in some cases, it is key to saving lives. 

Donations Welcome

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for the elderly and disabled with Piatt County IL. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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