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Infant Needs and Diaper Pantry


A Small Hand Infant Needs and Diaper Pantry was formed to meet the basic needs of the youngest members of our community, infants and toddlers, with necessary diapers. Across the United States, low-income and hardship families make decisions between purchasing diapers and paying a bill. This struggle results in many parents being forced to leave their infants and toddlers in a single, dirty diaper, for a longer period of time before changing their child. The long-term effect typically is severe diaper rash, often times accompanied with infections, resulting in trips to the emergency room, and/or convenient care for treatment.

Time and time again, we hear the age-old comments: "Why don't these parents just use cloth diapers?" or "Cloth diapers are cheaper, make the parents use them." The answer is two-fold: (1) day-care homes and centers WILL NOT allow cloth diapers to be used while a child is under their care and (2) most low-income families do not have access to washing machines to properly wash and disinfect the dirty cloth diapers. Thus, low-income and hardship families are forced to use disposable diapers. 

In addition to diapers, families receive a package of baby wipes as well as supplemental formula, baby food, bottles, and blankets when needed and available. The children enjoy receiving a donated picture book when they visit the pantry. 

Though we would love to help all, A Small Hand was created to help residents of Piatt County IL. Your donations allow us to give our youngest community members a fighting chance. Every dollar and every product received stays in Piatt County. We also rely on our unpaid volunteers to keep the program running smoothly.

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   We hope that you will help A Small Hand Infant Needs and Diaper Pantry. No donation is too small to give a struggling family a helping hand through a difficult time in their lives.    

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